I’m Jen!  Don’t be fooled by my name, I’m a French native. Enchantée!   If you’re here, it’s because you want to learn French (or thinking of) and that’s amazing. Congratulations on taking the first step! Learning French requires patience, love and a dedicated teacher (like me).  I’m always up for a challenge and have taught hundreds of students and have beautiful success stories to share with you. 

My students come from a variety of different backgrounds from beginner French speakers realizing their dreams of moving to France to American mums who are married to French partners to people in need of taking an official French exam to apply to French Citizenship. I’m alway up for a new challenge. We will reach your goal together. I’ll be your teacher, friend and coach as long as you need me.  I’ll create a program that suits your needs and learning style. 

My students always feel so comfortable in my class that they dramatically improve their conversational French.  After a few of my lessons, I often have students tell me, “I went to Paris to hang out with my French friends and was able to understand everything”.

I teach French in a conversational way, not the way it’s taught in a school textbook. We’ll talk about topics that are relevant to you. We will talk about life as if you were with a French friend hanging out at a café in Paris.  Learning vocabulary can be challenging but in my class you will constantly be using the vocabulary you learn because vocabulary development is truly the key to success. You need to practice your conversations in French as often as possible so you can retain the vocabulary, not just try to memorize them.  It’s quite a simple concept that you keep repeating: memorizing then applying.  For example, let’s say you learn the idiom “J’en ai marre,” which in English means, “I’m fed up.”  You have a much better chance of memorizing that phrase if you use it to speak about something that makes you upset. You need to practice the phrases and words within context to truly understand them.

Throughout my life, I’ve had to learn English and Spanish so I’m a teacher but I’m also a learner which makes a big difference in my teaching style.  I understand both roles.  Having lived in the United States for 9 years has made me a better teacher. My deep understanding of English and Latin grammar makes me able to teach my students in a way that helps them understand while being able to compare it to your native language. 

Although my major was in classic French Literature, my classes are all modern.  Goethe said “Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.”

My classes are always fun, interactive, and carefully planned. In fact,  I’ve had students who love learning the French language and culture so much, something I’ve deemed “Francophiles” that they have been students of mine for 7+ years. These students obviously speak French fluently, but their deep love for the French language helps them further pursue their study.

Learning the French language is also connected to creating a deeper understanding with France’s rich culture and I’m really excited to share all of my French stories and experiences with you.

Call me or email me so we can discuss your goals and how we can create a plan that helps you meet them. Your French is in good hands! I promise.  Welcome to my French world! 


In this class you’ll have the opportunity to discover and discuss French paintings by looking at the work of impressionist and post impressionist artists at the MET


We all need variety to spice up our learning and watching French movies is a fun way to learn and connect to the French culture.

Embark in the voyage of Art in French. Collage, painting, drawing, montage and much more. Fun and interactive lessons for children of all ages.
Paris is always a good idea but if you speak it, it makes it better. This program is designed to get you ready in no time for your trip to France.


Jennifer is the most gifted language teacher I've ever studied with!!! Jen's energy and charm make every session incredibly engaging. She customizes lessons for her students and each week is new and different. She never makes you feel silly for speaking French poorly; she is adept at gently correcting you and keeping the momentum of the conversation going. She is a truly wonderful teacher!!

Anne V.

Jennifer has been my amazing French tutor for over 4 years when I married a Frenchman and committed to mastering the language. Unlike traditional classes, she customizes our weekly sessions to fit my specific needs, improving my grammar and colloquial vocabulary in a targeted and relevant way. I am constantly impressed by how much thought she puts into preparing for our classes with print-outs and specific exercises to strengthen my weak points. My son adores "Jenny" and since he turned 2 she has been doing weekly sessions with him as well. It is honestly thanks to her that we are both bilingual!!

Katherine B.


Katherine B.

Jennifer is the absolute best teacher! I would give ten stars is I could!! I followed her Instagram and after taking french in high school decided I wanted to pick it back up. She is SO sweet and is more than willing to teach via skype if you don't live in NYC. My vocabulary, pronunciation, and confidence in speaking has grown so much in just the 4 shorts months even my family is impressed! I would recommend Be Fluent in French with Jennifer to anyone!

Sarah H.


Sarah H.


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