Kids & Teens

Language study increases a child’s cognitive and critical thinking abilities.
But it has to be fun so your kid associates French to a good time
I provides a fun and easy learning experience for kids and teens, enjoyable activities such as word games, storytelling, collage, painting, drawing, montage and much more.
I do realize that each child learns differently: some children are visual others auditory and others kinesthetic learners. Knowing this allow me to set up different activities in which two or more of these learning styles are met.

Age Group: 6 and up

Lesson Lenght: 60 minutes

Available: All Year

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Size of Group: up to 4 students

Price: $120/hour 10 hours package: $1100 (1 free hour) $150/hour for small group (up to 3 students) $200/hour for bigger group (up to 4 students)